Shaan's World

Shaan's World
Shaan, the son of Marolli NYC's founder, looks at the world very differently than most people. He sees and feels things differently.
When he was 3, he suddenly became withdrawn and stopped responding to his own name. At that time, 20 years ago, pediatric doctors did not have the knowledge about Autism that they have today. Medical research and resources have improved, but general knowledge about Autism still has a long way to go. Please join us in our mission... 5% of profits are donated to Autism non-profit organizations.
He can not communicate by speaking with words. He communicates with the language of love.
Every day he is an inspiration of love and strength to persevere through debilitating disorders that impeded every "normal" function an average person enjoys and often takes for granted. He never refuses his therapies, he fights every battle physically and mentally to be here with us today.

Through all his difficulties, he only seeks love and understanding. Though he cannot speak, in silence he communicates "don't worry, I can handle everything".
Every human being seeks true love in his life and people like Shaan give that true love, he gives back ten folds for the love he gets. It is pure, innocent, and simple. Shaan can teach us all to persevere, overcome, give love unconditionally, and communicate silently through personal presence.

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